Experts are worried about the changing weather in America, Europe is also affected

The weather in the US has changed the way experts are concerned, while many countries in Europe have been severely affected by the heat wave.

According to foreign media, the global climate change has also engulfed America. Recently, America is facing a heat wave after the destruction of stormy rains in New York and other states. In this way, the weather, which suddenly takes the uterus and suddenly takes the uterus, has made the experts worried.

According to the report, climate change has also affected the waters, while the color of the rocks is also changing.

Marine life is also severely affected by the underwater temperatures in Florida, which threatens the growth and reproduction of aquatic life. According to American scientists, the underwater temperature has been recorded up to 35 degrees, which usually stays up to 22 degrees Celsius.

Why is the color of the oceans changing? Amazing revelation

The state of Arizona is in the grip of the hottest heat, while the US Meteorological Department warned that the region from California to Texas will be under the influence of a very powerful heat wave in the next few days. The Las Vegas Weather Service says the heat wave is more dangerous than the desert heat.

On the other hand, the heatwave has also gripped Europe. In France, Germany, Spain and Poland, people are suffering from the heat. In Italy, 16 cities are on heat wave alert.

A heatwave red alert has been declared across Greece, where temperatures have crossed 42 degrees and 3 people have lost their lives due to the increase in heat intensity.

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