Expert Projects 2,400% Rise for XRP to USD 18

Ripple’s XRP has met resistance during its latest rally, but one analyst predicts a price hike to $18 on a historic pattern.

A price of $18

XRP is down 22% from its high of USD 0.93. However, John, a technical analyst, recently made a bold price forecast. According to the analyst, if a specific pattern continues to unfold, XRP could rise to USD 18.

John’s analysis refers to a historical pattern replete with a series of price falls and pumps on the daily XRP chart.

If this pattern continues for XRP, we will have a dip to $0.52 first, followed by a pump to $4.30. Then a drop to USD 1.60. An increase to $7.40. Drop to $6 and a pump to $18. It’s been accurate so far, let’s see if it can hold up.

– John

After the price spiked to $0.9380 on July 13, XRP continued to shed the gains of the past two days. John’s analysis suggests that this dip would continue until XRP drops to $0.52. However, he noted that an increase to $4.30 would follow after this.

The analyst expects another dip from $4.30 to $.60, which would herald a pump to $7.40. According to him, a subsequent drop from $7.40 to $6 would follow. However, John says this will precede a notable rise to $18. A rise to $18 would represent a 2,400% increase in XRP’s current value.

The analyst claims that this pattern has been particularly accurate so far, but whether it will continue remains to be seen. The expected time frame for these price actions is the end of September. However, John emphasizes that the analysis does not present facts, but compares historical patterns.

John stated that he does not engage in such trading strategies at this crucial time in the market. He emphasized that after years of waiting, he plans to hold on to his XRP until it hits $18, without collecting any interim profits.

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Fib Levels and the Price of XRP

In a separate tweet John shared key Fibonacci levels for XRP’s future trajectory, using the $1.96 swing high as a reference point.

These levels include the $3.30 at the 1,618 Fibonacci extension, $5.50 at the 2,618 extension, $7.60 at the 3,618 extension, and $9.10 at the 4,236 extension. He advised investors to expect price reactions to these levels if XRP reaches them.

In addition, he cautioned that he was making these predictions conservatively, and even higher targets could be possible by considering the previous all-time high as the swing high.

Following Judge Analisa Torres’ ruling, XRP is officially not a security. Partly because of this, the coin rose to $0.9380 on July 13. However, XRP has dropped to its current value of USD 0.7239. Although XRP is down 8.71% in the last 24 hours, it is still up 53% in the past two days.

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