Expert pilot finishes off Alpine for the damage with Fernando Alonso

A new analysis has been given by a former F1 driver

Controversy continues around Alpine F1 Team and what happened with Fernando Alonso. The pilot from Oviedo has caused quite a surprise due to his signing in 2023 by Aston-Martinwhich has greatly shaken the entire paddock. Much has been said about this operation and new actors come together to explain what happened.

Let us remember that the criticisms have been quite a lot coming from Otmar Szafnauer, head of the Gallic team. He has not been able to complete the renewal of the two-time champion at the same time, since he was negotiating under the table with another pilot and this has also gone quite badly. piastri I wouldn’t be with those of Enstone in 2023.

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A new authorized voice criticizes Alpine for Alonso’s departure

Ralf Schumacher refers to the departure of Fernando Alonso from Alpine F1 Team

In this way, an expert pilot has been in charge of analyzing the issue of Fernando Alonso with Alpine. This is Ralf Schumacher, a former competitor in the ‘Great Circus’, who played several seasons with the BMW Williams team. On this he has thrown some darts at the leadership of the French.

On the march from Oviedo to Aston Martin it was clear that the mistake came from the leadership and that it was a bad move to lose the two-time champion. “When you have a jewel like that, it’s a crime to let it go. If you are not able to do the contracts well yourself, then you cannot blame the young man.” Michael’s brother commented.

For the former German driver, the management that Szafnauer gives to the team is a shame

Also, Ralf Schumacher sees as “shameful” the fact that Otmar Szafnauer has had such poor management with all the planning for 2023. First, because he did not see the departure of Fernando Alonso from Alpine coming and also, he trusted that his replacement was totally ready. The German agrees with those who criticize the French team.

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Undoubtedly, these types of issues continue to cause voices for and against. For now, more and more knowledgeable about the subject give their opinion on what happened and agree that the move that was made was entirely the fault of Alpine. Now the French will have to plan everything from scratch.

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