Exorcism does not work, an American sues his clairvoyant

A man decided to sue in the United States the psychic whom he had consulted and who had told him that he could lift a love curse cast on him. The intervention of the medium did not produce any convincing results, affirms the complainant.

It was on the Internet that Mauro Restrepo found Sophia Adams, “medium specializing in matters of the heart”. The American then wanted to get out of the bad patch he was going through with his wife.

5,100 dollars for an exorcism

He would indeed have been the victim of a “witch hired by his ex-girlfriend”, according to the complaint filed in Los Angeles. After drawing the cards to him, the fortune teller had promised him that he would be happy again in his marriage. This happy outcome could only occur if the man paid him 5,100 dollars to carry out an exorcism, assures the complainant.

But despite the payment of a generous deposit of one thousand dollars, the Los Angeles resident saw no improvement and decided to sue the extra-lucid for fraud. He claims to have suffered from insomnia, anxiety and anxiety attacks and claims $ 25,000 in damages.

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