Exorbitant prices! ticket resale for NFL Super Bowl LVII

The countdown continues its march and less and less until next Sunday, February 12, the day of the Super Bowl LVIIwhich will be held at the State Farm Stadium in glendaleArizona.

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The great game captures the eyes of sport worldwide and many are the fans who aspire to witness the celebration from the place of the events; but they must be willing to shell out a generous amount for a ticket for the stadium.

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This year the two protagonists are Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, with a large fan base; and there are several options to purchase a ticket.

How much are the tickets on resale?

In the page StubHubuntil this day, tickets are offered with costs that start at $4,505 and reach a maximum of $25,578 in the Main Premier area.



Tickets on sale for Super Bowl LVII | February 1, 2023

Another option is the platform ticket masterbut they have slightly higher costs to this day; starting at $5,885 up to $25,000.

One of the factors that could raise prices as the days progress is the presentation of the singer Rihannadue to its popularity.

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