Exit routes from Saudi Arabia closed

Riyadh: In Saudi Arabia, if a foreign employee gets a ‘haroob’ file, then after leaving his residence, the way out of the kingdom is closed.

According to the details, under the laws of the kingdom, there is a report of escape of any worker which is submitted in the system of passport and immigration department of Saudi Arabia, after which the concerned administration takes action.

The file of the worker whose Hrub file is kept in the main computer of the permit is sealed and the residence remains sealed till Hrub is canceled.

People with disabilities cannot leave the country, and their residency cannot be renewed.

According to Saudi law, an employer or sponsor can cancel a file within 15 days of receiving it. After this, the process of removing Haroob becomes very difficult, for which it has to be proved that Haroob was wrong.

It should be noted that in order to cancel it after two weeks, the application has to be filed with the Ministry of Manpower or its subsidiary, where a decision is taken only after examining the case.


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