Exchange 1 Bitcoin for a Hublot watch? It’s possible from now on!

1 Bitcoin ruilen voor een Hublot horloge? Het kan vanaf nu!

The well-known luxury watch brand Hublot is launching a new model of watch of which only 200 will be made. In the announcement, the watchmaker says that customers can buy them with cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin (BTC)!

1 bitcoin for 1 Hublot watch

Hublot announced the news in a tweet today. The Big Ban Unico Essential Gray line will have a limited edition of only 200 watches and will only be available in the “Hublot United States eBoutique.”

“Introducing the new Big Bang Unico Essential Grey, a limited edition of 200 pieces, available exclusively online on the e-commerce platform Exclusively on our Hublot United States eBoutique, customers can shop with select cryptocurrencies with BitPay.”

For those who want to tap the watch on the head, you have to put aside about an entire bitcoin. The Hublot watch costs about €20,700. Because the brand uses the crypto payment service of BitPay, a few other cryptocurrencies will also be available in addition to bitcoin. BitPay also supports dogecoin (DOGE) and ethereum (ETH).

Not the first watchmaker to get into crypto

Hublot is not the first well-known watchmaker to take a step into the crypto world. In May this year, it was also reported that Tag Heuer also accepts crypto payments for its watches. TAG Heuer also uses the services of BitPay for this.

TAG Heuer went recently one step further† It allows owners of the TAG Heuer Connect Caliber E4 smart watches to use their non-fungible tokens (NFT) to present on the watch. A connection is made with the crypto wallet of the owner and thus the proof of ownership of the NFT is verified.

Not everyone is equally enthusiastic about NFTs. Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently put the digital pictures away like hot air. He said sarcastically: “It is clear that expensive digital images of monkeys are going to improve the world enormously.”


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