Eviction of families of delinquents from their HLM housing: 60% of French people are in favor

The recent expulsion of a mother in Nice from her HLM after her son’s conviction for drug trafficking has revived the public debate between supporters and opponents of such a measure. The French are in any case in favor, as shown in a survey by the CSA institute for CNEWS published this Thursday, September 9.

In detail, 31% of respondents say they are “very favorable” and 29% “favorable”. Among this majority, there are more men: 66% of them want social landlords to be able to expel the families of delinquents from their low-cost housing, as Côte d’Azur Habitat did in the case of the mother of a Nice family. Women are also mostly in favor of the measure, but to a lesser extent. (56%, minus ten points).

However, the political divide on this issue is more pronounced. Thus, 80% of right-wing supporters want the families of delinquents to be expelled from their social housing, against 39% of left-wing supporters. For their part, two-thirds (66%) of centrists are in favor of this idea. In detail, the political party most suited to this kind of measure is the National Rally (RN), with 88% of favorable opinions. Europe Ecologie-les-Verts (EELV) is on the contrary the political movement most opposed to the project, with less than a third (31%) of support.

Finally, with regard to age, young people are more inclined to defend the families of delinquents in order to prevent them from being deported. A little more than half of 18-24 year olds (53%) say they are opposed to HLM housing being withdrawn from them for this reason. On the contrary, only 37% of those over 65 are against this idea. Notable fact: the wealthiest socio-professional categories (CSP +) are also less severe with the families of delinquents, 41% being opposed to their expulsion, against 33% among CSP-.

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CSA study for CNEWS by self-administered online panel questionnaire from September 7 to 8, 2021, with a representative national sample of 1,000 people aged 18 and over.

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