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The business world is digital today. Any company or professional that wants to compete must bet on new technologies and Increase your online presence, the sales channel par excellence. However, while it may seem like a lie, in the 21st century there is a large percentage of companies that are not present on the Internet. Specifically, the latest report from the Spanish Association for Digital Economy (Adigital) on the digital economy in Spain states: Around 70% of micro-SMEs and 30% of SMEs do not have a website.

What is the reason? Ignorance? Neglect? Disinterest? The reasons that these professionals can put forward are many and varied. However, going without the Internet and having a website means a loss of economic opportunities. If you don't have a website, you lose the ability to sell to anyone in the world.

To clear some doubts, we will review everything required to launch a website. All the steps that need to be followed from hiring one Web hostingon the aspects you need to pay attention to when working with a company that specializes in offering Internet hosting services.

Types of web hosting

Web hosting is the service that allows you to store a site's files on a server connected to the Internet. There are different types of web hosting, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The choice of one or the other depends on various factors such as the needs of the online store in the case of e-commerce or the budget we have.

For an online store, the most suitable type of web hosting is a VPS server (virtual private server). These types of Hosting involves dividing a physical server into several virtual serversTherefore, each of them has its own system, applications and data and can be managed independently.

The benefits of creating an online store include the following They offer more resources and performance than shared hostingsomething very important when it comes to ensuring a good traffic experience in e-commerce.

In addition to this option, there is also the possibility of a cheap WordPress hosting. These hosting providers have the advantage of offering specific features and tools for WordPress, the most used CMS in the world, making it a very interesting option for creating any type of website.

In addition, this type of specific hosting for working with WordPress also makes it easier to install plugins and carry out updates, which is why it is considered, among other things, CMS acquaintance.

Concluding the types of hosting, we can talk about shared hosting, which is the cheapest and therefore also has some resource limitations, especially for larger web projects. This hosting They share the same server with many other websites. They are therefore useful for small shops with little traffic.

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On the other hand, for the most powerful online stores, there is the possibility of using cloud hosting, which is based on scalable resources in the cloud on demand. The price is high because it is a Excellent solution for high volume eCommerce or large seasonal peaks.

Tips for choosing a good hosting provider

Now that we know what types of hosting there are, it's time to give a series of tips for choosing a good provider. Since not all companies operate the same across industries and sectors, it is important to know what aspects make website management as easy as possible. The most important are the following:

  • Location of servers in Spain: For companies operating in the country, localization reduces latency in requests and access times from our country.
  • 24/7 care and support: Good customer service is crucial when resolving incidents or technical issues, as quick access to it minimizes downtime.
  • Automated backups: It is possible for information to be lost in the cloud. Therefore, this security system is essential to protect business data from any accidents.
  • Malware detection and spam filtering: To reduce risks and increase cybersecurity, we need to ensure that the hosting we rent has active security mechanisms to prevent attacks and infections.
  • Free migration of existing websites: This service helps to reduce working time and make the transition from one hosting to another much faster. For those who already have an online store and are just changing servers, it is better to take care of support from the company where you pay for the service.
  • Guarantee: There is always the possibility that you will be dissatisfied due to the changed cost calculation. Therefore, it is a good idea to work with companies that offer a guarantee of at least 30 days and the ability to easily change plans as site needs change.

Regarding performance, we must not forget the aspects related to hardware characteristics such as: High-speed NVMe drives They offer much faster read and write speeds than traditional hard drives, as well as greater reliability and durability.

Would you like to take the plunge and launch your website? Or do you want to improve the performance of an existing system? With everything you've read, you already know what to look for when it comes to everything related to web hosting. Now, we have to Identify the best option both in terms of value for money and adaptability to your current and future needs.. And then all you have to do is focus on increasing sales and traffic for your online business.

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