everyone in the first team will earn the same

The president of the Basque team, Jon Uriarte, believes in a plan that allows budgetary control in the long term, adjusting the salaries of the athleticzales players

The future of football is increasingly linked to the economy. More than a show, it has become a business in which, as in any company, it is essential to balance the accounts. For this, the president of the Athletic wants to endorse a system of equilibrium in the wages of the players.

Now that cheap fair play is so fashionable and that Thebes puts so many obstacles to registering new players, the Athletic would be thinking of introducing a measure that equalizes the wages of all footballers. In this way, it is possible to keep track of budgets in the long term, since even if players leave or others arrive, the salary would be the same.

Jon Uriarte has revolutionary ideas at Athletic

Jon Uriarte wants to match Athletic’s salaries

But this formula would have many more advantages. No player could complain when signing or renewing, since they all charge the same. Cases like that of Iñaki Williams, who charges 7 million clean, could never occur. Nor would it be a low salary, it would be a very competitive salary for current football.

It is a measure that clubs like Manchester United study. The red evils want to avoid at all costs a situation like that of Cristiano Ronaldo, whose high salary prevented him from leaving last summer and in the end a termination of the contract had to be agreed.

The measure comes from Manchester United

At Manchester United they want to introduce a salary cap of between 8 and 10 million, so that the entire squad moves in those numbers and does not stand for a star asking for unattainable amounts. With the current squad there are fears that Rashford will have much bigger offers from abroad, but it is a risk they are willing to take.

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Returning to Athletic, it could be a salary between 3 and 4 million euros. A more than generous salary for a team of the stature of Athletic. In order to impose this measure, a consensus would have to be reached with both Iñaki Williams and Iker Muniain, to adjust their salaries to Athletic’s new policy.

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