Every 10 minutes a child worldwide dies from preventable causes

According to Unicef ​​​​, 202 million children under the age of 5 suffer from food poverty and every day almost 7,000 children die on the planet as a result of malnutrition. A fifth of children (460 million) live in conflict zones, 10 million are suffering from the consequences of climate change and we are facing an unprecedented crisis in the humanitarian system, as José María Vera, Executive Director of Unicef, warns. Millions of children remain trapped in humanitarian crises that are becoming ever larger and more complex.

In its report “Humanitarian Aid for Children 2024”, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) makes one Urgent call for $9.3 billion to provide humanitarian assistance to more than 90 million children around the world by 2024. The bulk of the funds – up to $1.14 billion – will go to children in Afghanistan, where an estimated two-thirds of the population is in need of humanitarian assistance.

In addition, as Unicef ​​​​warns, another 860 million dollars are needed to support Syrian refugees, 840 million for children in Sudan, 804 million for minors in the Democratic Republic of Congo and another 580 million for refugee children in Ukraine.

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