‘Even these animals can’t eat’ Indian police official cried after seeing the food, the video went viral

An Indian police officer wept bitterly over the food given to him by his department and declared that even dogs can’t eat this food.

A video of Indian police officer Manoj Kumar is going viral on social media, in which he is shown giving decades for the substandard food served to the officers on duty.

In the video, constable Manoj Kumar has a plate of food in his hand, showing dried rotis and dal, while the officer is crying profusely while showing the food.

In the viral video, Constable Manoj Kumar can be seen crying while holding a plate of food in which dry rotis and dal can be seen.

Manoj Kumar shows the food on this occasion and says that the quality of the food given to him is so bad that even dogs cannot eat it, I am hungry since morning.

According to the official, instead of a hearing on his complaint, he was pressured to remain silent, like scolding a thief Kotwal. When an attempt was made to speak to the DGP, his PSO threatened him to keep quiet or else he would be fired.

After the video went viral, the Firozabad police have ordered an investigation into the quality of the food.

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On the other hand, officials of Reserve Police Lines have termed Manoj Kumar’s video as a drama instead of admitting their mistake, saying that Manoj is worried after the divorce.

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