Even after three marriages, Anoop Jalota said that Ishq had fought with a girl 37 years younger.

It is not necessary that Anoop Jalota is not mentioned in the talk of the masters of the field of music. Anoop Jalota, who created a different identity by singing the hymn ‘Aisi Lagi Lagan’, was born on July 29, 1953 in Nainital. Little by little, he became a name in the world of Indian music, without which hymns began to sound. In the birthday special, we present to you some anecdotes from the life of Bhajan Samrat Anoop Jalota.

Anoop Jalota’s childhood was spent in a family of this type, where veterans of classical music came and went. Actually his father, Purushottam Das, was a well-known bhajan singer. However, Anoop Jalota’s luck changed when actor Manoj Kumar heard his voice. Manoj Kumar liked Anoop’s voice so much that he kept Anoop’s song in the movie ‘Shirdi Ke Sai Baba’. Anoop Jalota became a big name in the music world as soon as this movie became a hit. He has sung over 1,200 hymns in six languages ​​in his career. At the same time, more than 150 Ghazals albums have been released.

You may be shocked to know that Anoop Jalota, now known as Bhajan Samrat, failed his first All India Radio audition. After this, he turned his attention to Bhajan and continued to hit the heights of fame. The situation was that people became followers of his voice. He began to be counted among the great musicians. Even today Anoop Jalota’s Ghazals are very popular.

Apart from his hymns, Anoop Jalota was also in discussion about his personal life. He was married three times in his life. Anoop Jalota was first married to Gujarati girl Sonali Seth but after some time they got divorced. After this, he married Bina Bhatia, but this relationship did not last long either. Following this, Anoop Jalota married a third time to Medha Gujral, the niece of former Prime Minister Indra Kumar Gujral, but Medha died on 25 November 2014 due to illness. After this, the name of Anoop Jalota became associated with Jasleen Matharu, who was some 37 years younger than Bhajan Samrat. The two were seen together on Bigg Boss 12. However, after being evicted from the show, Anoop Jalota said that Jasleen is not his girlfriend. There is a guru-shishya relationship between them.

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