Diego Maradona is buried without a heart. The story goes that gang members had serious plans to dig up the football player and steal the organ.

Maradona passed away exactly one year ago. Only sixty years young, much too early for a normal person. But with all the scandals that have surfaced since then, it’s a miracle that arguably the greatest player of all time has lived to that age.

Maradona was never left alone as a human being. And that hasn’t changed since a cardiac arrest killed him.

Seven medical supervisors of Maradona are now suspected of unintentional manslaughter, a charge that in the worst case could lead to 25 years in prison. Although his health was weak, Maradona would not have received the care he needed.

Relatives cry out for justice

His daughter Gianinna makes one call after another. “Justice must come for his sudden death. We cannot continue as if nothing had happened.”

Watch a video about Maradona’s turbulent life here:

It could be years before the verdict is passed in the lingering case surrounding Maradona’s death. And that’s not even talking about his legacy.

Outside of football, however, Argentina’s big star turned to alcohol, drugs and women, leaving many bills open to this day. He has admitted five children himself, but the claims have poured in mainly from Argentina and his beloved Cuba.

Things got a little more complicated, as Maradona, in his anger, had his will destroyed after yet another family quarrel.

“I have a message for you. I’m not going to leave anything behind,” he sneered just before his death in a video message to Dalma, Giannina, Diego Junior, Jana and Dieguito. “I’m going to give everything away.”

loot of eighty million

However, Maradona did leave something behind. And under Argentine law, most of it must be distributed among next of kin. His five children would be left with enough to never have to work again; it is estimated that the loot was around eighty million euros.

The many millions he had made were spread across bank accounts in several countries. And then he had many houses, cars, watches, a shipping container full of souvenirs and even two secret safes with stuff.

Watch the Diego Maradona special below:

Of course, not only the cesspool opened. Last year there was also a lot of respect for everything he meant for football. World champion with Argentina, child of Boca Juniors, a god in Naples.

A few days after his death, Napoli’s stadium was already renamed Stadio Diego Armando Maradona. An exception to the existing law had to be approved for this, but that turned out to be a formality out of respect for his merits.

Tears with every tribute

At Boca every conceivable opportunity was also taken for a tribute, which always resulted in tears. Lionel Messi scored for Barcelona in Maradona’s shirt, also almost in the same way as his compatriot once did for the Catalans.

Statues were also unveiled, Maradona’s childhood home in the poor neighborhood of Villa Fiorito became a national monument and he was commemorated with a hologram during the Copa América.

Because Maradona was of course not a normal person at all, according to the countless anecdotes that have been raked up in the last year. Because of the total picture of man and footballer, many concluded that there has never been a better player in this world.

“Diego got away with everything,” noted Gary Lineker, for example, who was eliminated with England in part by Maradona’s famous handball at the 1986 World Cup. “He stepped off the field without embarrassment or shame.”

No one experienced football as intensely as Maradona. Whether that was before a game, when he was holding up for minutes in the locker room with a rolled up sock. Or as a spectator at Boca, where relatives had to watch that he did not fall out of his skybox in his emotions.

The Maradona brand lives on forever, the shirts with his name and number ten will be widely sold for many days to come. So the haggling about his image rights will probably never end.


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