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Eurozapping: inflation in Great Britain, killing of dolphins in Denmark

Like every night, 23 hours cover the news broadcast by European television channels. It’s the Eurozapping on Wednesday, September 15th.

In the UK, record inflation is affecting many sectors. In stores, many shelves are empty due to the slowdown in supply, and consumer product prices soar. After Brexit and Covid, this period of uncertainty cast doubt on 10 Downing Street, the official residence and workplace of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The latter, therefore, reorganized his government to face the inflation-related crisis.

In Spain, Pedro Sanchez seeks reconciliation with Catalonia, an autonomous region located in the northeast of the country. The Spanish Prime Minister met with the President of Catalonia to renew diplomatic relations. “The position of Catalonia on the referendum and amnesty is radically different from that of the Spanish government”, recalls the Spanish prime minister. And Pedro Sanchez continued: “But there are 44 other points where we can improve, so let’s go ahead.” Catalonia is in fact a very important economic fertile ground in Spain.

A barbaric tradition dating back to the Vikings, the knife massacre of 1,428 dolphins in the Faroe Islands (Denmark) this Sunday sparked outrage and controversy. Its meat was distributed to the inhabitants, which did not prevent voices from speaking out against this practice considered barbaric and which could damage the image of these islands.

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