Eurozapping: in Belgium, the craze for night trains

In Belgium, night trains are arousing enthusiasm. At Brussels station, passengers boarded a train that connects the Belgian capital to Berlin (Germany). A night trip that takes place in a compartment, on a berth. A mode of transport that is back in fashion, because it is more economical and less polluting than the plane. This night railway line was launched in May by a Belgian company. Success is already there.

Japanese beetle worries in Switzerland

The Netherlands is fighting against mass tourism. The port of Amsterdam welcomes large cruise ships every day. Soon this will no longer be the case. The municipality has decided to ban these boats from docking, in order to limit the influx of tourists and reduce carbon emissions. A measure well accepted by travelers.

In Switzerland, the Japanese beetle worries. For six years, it proliferates. It is a scourge in the canton of Ticino, near the Italian border. He loves gardens and forests, and destroys crops like vines. To limit the nuisance, a spraying campaign was launched, with an insecticide supposed to limit the spread in Europe of the Japanese beetle.

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