Eurozapping: 13 years in prison for a mayor in Italy, a record increase in gas in Great Britain

As every evening, the 11 p.m. covers the news broadcast by European television channels. It is the Eurozapping of Friday October 1.

A historic rise in energy in Britain. Autumn is coming, temperatures are dropping, but the cost of energy is rising inexorably. The cost of gas has increased by 12%. “It’s a major shock, pensions are not increasing and energy is the biggest expense of the month, the repercussions are going to be terrible”, explains Barrie Stillwell, a British retiree.

Oxygen trafficking denounced in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The gas used in hospitals would be the same as the gas used for torches. “During the war, we smuggled cigarettes, now we smuggle oxygen”, says Drasko Stanivukovic, mayor of Banjaluka.

In Italy, the former mayor defender of migrants, received a thirteen-year prison sentence, accusing him of arranged marriages. “A lot of people in the street are outraged, I thought I would be acquitted but in the end, I don’t, I will appeal”, reacted Domenico Lucano, the former mayor of Rioce.

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