Eurovision is considering banning the use of AI in the competition songs

Eurovision, the popular music competition, is debating it ban artificial intelligence, This reflects the entertainment industry’s concerns about this new technology.

“What would happen if we suddenly had an AI-created song at the Eurovision Song Contest?” said Jean-Philip De Tender, deputy director general of the European Broadcasting Union, an alliance of television companies that oversees competition. The EBU is “Think about how we need to take this into account in the regulation, that creativity comes from people and not machines.”

Although the new rules require discussion with EBU members and governing bodies, competition must be rewarded “People on stage who have achieved something by writing a song and performing it”said De Tender.

The music industry is increasingly being rocked by the use of generative AI, although some artists have adopted it. In June, Paul McCartney explained that AI helped him finish what he called the final Beatles album.

According to the competition website, the Eurovision Song Contest reached an audience of 162 million people that year. It has been celebrated since 1956 and has contributed to the worldwide success of artists like ABBA.

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