Emmanuel Macron finds, for two days in Brussels, the 26 Heads of State and Government as well as the heads of the main institutions for a new European Summit devoted, in large part, to Ukraine.

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And, if international news takes precedence, a question arises in the face of French news: can the electoral reverse of the Head of State during the legislative elections weaken him on the European scene, when he is a figure since the departure of Angela Merkel as the main strongman of the European Union and the promoter of a more integrated and powerful Union?

In reality, around the Council table, this changes nothing: only a handful of European leaders have an absolute majority. In France, the president also keeps control of the sovereign. So when it comes to sanctioning Russia, “he will make the decision alone as before“, remarked a European source.

“No immediate impact”

Will he, on the other hand, be able to implement all the decisions taken by his ministers? It is the unknown. No one in Brussels yet perceives the real impact on its ability to govern, it is underlined in the corridors of parliament. But as far as directives are concerned, these European texts that must be transposed into French law, it often takes two years. “Suffice to say that there will be no immediate impact“, specifies an MEP.

But in the long term, on the question, for example, of the possible reform of the treaties Emmanuel Macron could see his situation particularly complex, caught between the Euro-disobedient Nupes and the Euro-skeptical RN. As for the constitution of a possible coalition, “it would not be the first country in Europe, far from it!” exclaims a senior diplomat. “If it works elsewhere? Why not in France? It’s a solid democracy“, he adds.


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