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Raúl’s Real Madrid Castilla is going through a difficult season, without finding regularity at all, although they still have options to enter the play-off for promotion to Second. If the Madrid subsidiary has made something clear this season, it is that in Sergio Arribas, they have a player with traces of a top-level footballer; he is, in fact, the team’s top scorer with 14 goals, despite the fact that he is an attacking midfielder or midfielder and that many times he must function as a band player to fit into Raúl’s drawing.

Arribas is among the top scorers in Group 2 of the First RFEF, the former Second B; his evolution this course has been remarkable, going from the 5 goals he scored in 2020-21 to the 14 he has at the moment. He has also evolved in terms of assists, going from one the previous season to five so far this season. And all this with the added brilliance of having been one of the leaders of that Juvenile that lifted the first Youth League in the history of Madrid, in the summer of 2020.

All this has attracted the attention of several teams in Spain, most of them from the First Division, but not only; Several foreign clubs have knocked on Real Madrid’s door to inquire about Arribas’ potential loan for next season. Proposals mainly come from Belgium, Holland and Germany, especially from the Teutonic country, where one of the interested teams has been Borussia Dortmundwhich has a history of assignments with Madrid in recent years, with cases of Achraf and Reinier.

Upstairs options

Raúl is delighted with Arribas, with the performance he is giving in his team and with the evolution he has shown in the last two years. If it were up to him, he would keep him at Castilla, but he is aware that it will be difficult for him to prefer to spend another year in a semi-professional category such as the First RFEF, having offers to make the leap to the First Division, either in Spain or abroad.

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Madrid’s first team is another matter. With Zidane, Arribas had the feeling that he was in the first group of youth players with options to join the first team on time: in fact, he was called up 19 times with the elders, playing a total of ten games, eight of them in the League (127 minutes in total) and two in the Champions League (30 minutes).

Arribas and Raul.

But with Ancelotti, that feeling has vanished: not a single call-up to the first team throughout the course, while others like Blanco, Peter, Gila, Santos, Miguel Gutiérrez or Latasa have entered in calls and some have been able to enjoy minutes. Arribas does not take it personally, as he knows that Ancelotti has a rather conservative profile when it comes to introducing the youth squad, who have had droppers, but it is an unequivocal sign that, with the Italian on the bench, He has few options to set foot in the first team.

At Real Madrid they are already aware that Arribas’s intention, advised by his representatives, is to leave to continue training at the first level, but of course without losing sight of the white club. They understand in Madrid that it is the best way for him to continue his evolution, as other youth players who left on loan or transferred have already done with a repurchase option and that ended up returning, as was the case with Mayoral, Marcos Llorente or Carvajal.

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