The decision of the Polish constitutional court is taken seriously by the European Commission. The latter is thinking of taking action against Poland. The journalist France Télévisions Pascal Verdeau, present in Brussels (Belgium) reviews the potential responses that can be used by the European body.

After the decision of the Polish Constitutional Court not to respect the rule of law, Europe is thinking of taking action, which takes Poland’s decision seriously. The European Commission is thinking in particular of financially sanctioning Warsaw (Poland). “Today, there is a system in Europe which makes the granting of European funds conditional on respect for the rule of law.“, explains Pascal Verdeau, journalist France Télévisions present in Brussels (Belgium).

There are other ways to put pressure on Warsaw as well. “There, we are a bit into nuclear weapons. It is a little more difficult to implement. The European Commission can refuse to give the green light to the Polish economic recovery plan, with a budget of 57 billion euros. Finally, if European law no longer applies to Warsaw, Brussels points to the climate of legal insecurity for foreign investors.“, develops Pascal Verdeau. Bad news for the country, while the European body seems to have several plans.