Europe: Dangerous Rise in Corona Cases, New Sanctions Announced

Corona cases are on the rise in European countries as well as around the world, prompting various countries, including the UK, to impose new sanctions.

According to the details, due to the epidemic, Christmas was celebrated in different countries. The number of cases per day in the UK has crossed one million, with the number of people affected by the Omicron variant exceeding 60,000.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces new sanctions ahead of Christmas.

In Spain, on the other hand, wearing a mask outside the home was made mandatory. Social events in Germany are limited to ten people. An indefinite lockdown has been imposed in the Netherlands.

Dine inns are restricted to restaurants in Portugal and Finland. Vaccination of children between the ages of five and eleven is approved in France.

Big blow to Scotland!

Remember that the world famous New Year’s party in Scotland was canceled due to Omekron variant. The New Year’s Eve party in the capital, Edinburgh, will not be held this time around.


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