Various European countries are facing a dangerous wave of code 19, while patients are being transferred to Germany due to shortage of space in hospitals in the Netherlands.

According to foreign media, the dangerous wave of Corona is raging in European countries including Austria, Romania, Netherlands and Germany and hospitals there are full of patients.

The situation in the hospitals of the Netherlands has become so serious that patients are being taken to Germany from there.

A complete lockdown is underway in Austria, while other countries are considering new measures, including restrictions on Christmas celebrations and New Year’s Eve riots.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) fears that by March 2022, more than 700,000 people could have died from corona in Asian countries, including Europe, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Maradona was buried without a heart

Legendary footballer Maradona has been quoted as saying that he did not have a heart in his chest when he was buried.

Nelson Castro, a doctor and journalist from Argentina, wrote in his book about Maradona that doctors had removed his heart to investigate Maradona’s death. The heart usually weighs 300 grams but the heart of the famous footballer weighed 500 grams.



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