Euromoney awards Banreservas as the best bank in the Dominican Republic 2023

The specialized magazine Euromoney awarded Banco de Reservas as “Best Bank in the Dominican Republic 2023”, for its achievements, growth and ability to adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs, offering an exceptional portfolio of products and financial services.

Euromoney also highlighted the excellent financial results of the Bank and indicators obtained, such as the profitability of the assets, the income generated and coverage of delinquency, among other aspects.

The award was received in London by the general administrator of Banreservas, Samuel Pereyra, who was accompanied by the Senior General Director of International Business and Corporate Governance, José Obregón Alburquerque; and Fraysis Moronta, Senior General Director of Human Capital, Processes, Technology and Operations, among other executives of the financial institution.

Similarly, World Finance, a prestigious international magazine specializing in world banking, announced this July the recognition of Banreservas in five categories: Best Corporate Governance Bank, Best Investment Bank, Best Commercial Bank, Best Consumer Bank and Best Private Bank in the Dominican Republic.

In turn, Banreservas substantially improved its position in the ranking of the ”Top 1000 Best Banks in the World”, evaluated by The Banker magazine, placing us in position number 770 (161 positions better than 2022), managing to become number 1 of the Top 5 Most Profitable Banks (Return on Capital) in Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean and number 6 worldwide, as well as positioning us as number 1 in Assets in the Dominican Republic and Top 3 in Central America and the Caribbean.

Banreservas was also positioned in the Top 10 in TIER 1 Capital in Central America and the Caribbean – being the 52nd bank with the highest increase in tier 1 capital in the world (+29.6%) -; In addition, the bank was placed in the Top 10 in Return on Assets (ROA) in Central America and the Caribbean and in the Top 4 banks with the most profits in the same region. The details will be announced by The Banker in its next edition in July.

Award Weightings

Regarding the Euromoney award received in London by Samuel Pereyra and a delegation from the Bank, the magazine’s editorial board indicated that it praised Banreservas’ ability to meet its strategic objectives and the historical milestones reached by the institution, which have allowed it to position itself as a market leader. He also evaluated the Digital Strategy, the focus on Cybersecurity and the Corporate Social Responsibility of the bank.

This is the sixth time that Euromoney has awarded Banco de Reservas the “Best Bank in the Dominican Republic” award. In addition, it was included in the Euromoney Market Leaders 2022 Ranking, occupying the first position in the Dominican Republic in the following lines: Investment Bank, Environmental and Social Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Bank for SMEs and Digital Solutions.

In recent years, Banreservas has obtained various awards from national and international organizations and publications in recognition of the achievements made in its business management, technological innovation and support for the national productive sectors.

Last June and for the second consecutive year, Global Finance magazine awarded Banreservas in the categories of “Best SME Bank in the Caribbean Region” and “Best SME Bank in the Dominican Republic 2023”, for its support and wide variety of products and services and innovation for the sector.

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