Do you dream of winning the EuroMillions jackpot but you don’t know which numbers to play? With some 202 million in play this Friday, October 8, this analysis of the most frequently released numbers might help.

Discover the results for Friday, October 8

On his site, EuroMillions indicates the five numbers and the two stars most often drawn. Since September 2016, that is to say since the number of stars went from 11 to 12, the most frequently released numbers are 20, 23 and 5.

Then come the 27 and the 17. As for the star numbers, it is the 2 that has been released most often since September 2016 (109 times), ahead of the 3 (103 times).

But betting on these numbers does not in any way mean that the jackpot is guaranteed. Of these seven numbers, for example, only one was played by the French winner of the record jackpot of 200 million euros. This was star number 3. The other star played was 12, while the five correct numbers were 6, 9, 13, 24 and 41.

Conversely, since September 2016, the 18th, 22nd, 40, 33 and 36 have been the five least drawn numbers. Among the stars, these are the 10 and the 1. If you want to bet on numbers that have not been released for a long time, then you must check the 4, which has not fallen for 175 days, the 15th, the 40, the 39 and the 27, and the stars 5 and 6.


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