Euler hacker seems to seize opportunity and send money to cryptomixer

After offering a reward to uncover the identity of the hacker behind the $196 million attack on Euler Finance, the hacker responsible for the attack has begun transferring funds to the crypto mixer Tornado Cash. This just a few hours later.

About 1,000 ETH sent to cryptomixer

On March 16, blockchain analytics firm PeckShield tweeted that the perpetrator behind the flash loan attack on the Ethereum noncustodial lending protocol was “active.”

The perpetrator transferred approximately $1.65 million, or 1,000 Ethereum (ETH), through the sanctioned crypto mixer Tornado Cash.

Yesterday it became clear that the hacker was offered a reward in exchange for the majority of the stolen funds. If the hacker returned most of it, if he kept some of it he wouldn’t be charged. He now seems to be taking his chances by not returning the stolen money, by sending the money to Tornado Cash.

One victim gets 100 ETH back

Still, the hacker seems to have some empathy, as he reportedly sent one of the victims about 100 Ethereum. An on-chain message sent by the wallet address had previously pleaded with the attacker for their life savings to be returned. This was also confirmed via a Twitter message. However, this also led to several victims trying the same thing, but without success.

Sending the cryptos to a mixer like Tornado Cash is an attempt to obscure the origin of the coins and make it more difficult for global authorities to trace. It is therefore not certain whether the stolen funds will be returned, it is still too early in the process. Finally, it is not known how long this will take exactly.

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