Eugénie Bastié’s editorial: “the walls, an omnipresent taboo”

In her editorial this Wednesday, November 17, Eugénie Bastié, journalist at Le Figaro, talks about Poland’s desire to build a wall on its border with Belarus, where many migrants have been camping for several days, in the hope of a easy passage through the European Union and the Schengen area.

The situation is worsening on the border between Belarus and Poland and Warsaw has made concrete its plan to build a wall next December to separate the two countries, an idea that divides within the French government. The vagueness of the macronia in matters of migration has not finished spreading. Contradictory statements have continued to follow one another in recent days.

“France what it says, Europe what it says is that we must enforce our borders. What she is saying is that she is in solidarity with the countries facing this situation, ”government spokesman Gabriel Attal said yesterday, declaring that he had“ no lesson to teach ” to Poland.

“I am for a Europe which protects its borders, but not for a Europe which bristles with barbed wire or is covered with walls”, for his part declared the Secretary of State Clément Beaune (it will be necessary to ask him how he intends to protect the borders : with flowers and candles?).

“Firmness is that a sovereign state has the right to protect its border and access to its territory by whatever means it considers legitimate,” said Bercy tenant Bruno Le Maire. “Solidarity with Poland” echoed Jean Castex. Another story for LREM deputy Aurore Bergé: “Of course not, we are not helping Poland to build a wall. This is not how the European Union is built. It is not by putting up walls ”. So who to believe?

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As we can see, this wall story highlights the intrinsic division of the macronie between a realistic right wing and a progressive left wing which mentally considers the border as a taboo, and which joins the PS leader Olivier Faure when he says that the wall is a “shameful solution, which takes us back to the Cold War, to a time when walls were made between Europeans”.

The wall is the evil in the progressive mentality that inhabits part of our elites. It refers in fact to the imagination of the Cold War, to the Berlin Wall which fell for 30 years. Since then, any desire to erect a physical border between countries has been considered to refer to dark times in history. We must prefer the abstract bridges that we see on euro banknotes. The tragedy of the Cold War was the split in two of Europe, and an iron curtain that separated us from these small nations of Eastern Europe, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, who want today ‘ hui defend their existence and that we no longer understand.

Far from achieving a happy globalization without borders, the fall of the wall gave birth to a fragmented world. Between Spain and Morocco, Israel and the West Bank, the United States and Mexico, the walls are constantly increasing, not only at the borders, but even within countries: security gates in airports, concrete blocks at the entrance to squares, raised enclosures in schools to fight terrorism, health passes to fight the pandemic, etc. The walls are now everywhere.

The utopia of the global village has lived, but the mental barriers, they still exist.

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