Eufy recognizes that the transmission from its cameras is not encrypted, but this will change

Anker admitted that your eufy security cameras feed was not fully end-to-end encryptedbut started to apply changes to solve the problem.

In November, a security researcher discovered that Anker’s Eufy security cameras were sending user screenshots and information to the cloud without the owners’ consent.

Furthermore, it turned out that their camera feeds could be viewed live with an app like VLC if you knew the URL of the videos – which, by the way, was not trivial.

now anker admitted that eufy security cameras are not natively end-to-end encrypted. In addition, the cameras also output unencrypted video streams to the Eufy web portal, which can be accessed via media players.

However, the company reported that started applying fixes to address these issues. He plans to upgrade Eufy cameras to use WebRTC, which is encrypted by default.

Anker also apologized for its lack of communication and promised to hire outside security firms to audit its practices.

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