“Poland is only reminding the EU that it must not exceed its powers,” said Friday on franceinfo Gilbert Collard, MEP National Rally.

Rassemblement National (RN) MEP Gilbert Collard affirmed Friday, October 8 on franceinfo, his support for Poland in the affair between it and the European Union. In addition, he accuses the EU of playing the “singer-songwriter”, and recalls “that it does not have the power to dominate the constitutions of its member countries.”

On Thursday, the Polish court declared that certain articles of the EU treaty were incompatible with the Polish Constitution and denounced the absolute supremacy of European Community law over Polish law. Poland asked the European Union not to “act beyond the scope of their skills”. A point of contention that worries the highest officials of the EU. “It is the risk of a de facto exit” EU, Secretary of State for European Affairs ClĂ©ment Beaune observed on RMC / BFMTV.

For lawyer and MEP Gilbert Collard, “Poland is only reminding the EU that it must not overstep its powers”. This morning the lawyer tweeted “Long live a free and sovereign Poland”. A position he took on at the microphone of franceinfo on Friday, specifying that he is in “his role as MEP”. “One need only take the example of article 54 of our Constitution, which sets as a rule that no article can be superior to the Constitution “.

According to article 54 of the French Constitution, “if the Constitutional Council declares ‘that an international commitment includes a clause contrary to the Constitution’, a revision of this one must precede the ratification or the approval of the said international commitment”. A situation that Poland wishes to apply in its disagreement with the European Union.


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