EU and UK border authorities are cooperating to combat illegal immigration

The European Union and the United Kingdom have concluded a cooperation agreement between their border control authorities, which will be formalized shortly greater cooperation to combat illegal migrationas the European Commission reported this Sunday.

In a statement, the municipal council noted that European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak welcomed “the successful conclusion of the negotiations” during a telephone conversation this Sunday.

“The two leaders welcomed the successful conclusion of negotiations on a new working agreement between UK agencies and Frontex, which will be formalized in the coming days as part of wider cooperation between the UK and the EU to combat illegal migration,” it said in Brussels.

While we await the details of the agreement between the UK and the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex), this pact represents a further step in the Sunak government’s reassurance of post-Brexit relations.

Brussels and London were reached beforehand an agreement to resolve the trade agreement dispute Northern Ireland after Brexit.

Northern Ireland has a different situation to the rest of the United Kingdom after Brexit, as it remains part of the Community’s internal market for goods in order to avoid the establishment of a physical border on the island of Ireland, which would violate the peace agreement, while it remains on operates in the UK domestic market.

The Windsor Agreement, which replaced the troubled Northern Ireland Protocol originally negotiated with the EU by former Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson in 2019, also paved the way for the UK’s return to the flagship research innovation program from January 1 this year European Union, Horizon Europe, with an annual contribution of around 2,430 million.

Great Britain has also rejoined the Copernicus Earth observation program with around 154 million euros more.

The Windsor Framework Agreement contains the so-called “Stormont brake”, a clause giving the Northern Ireland Assembly the power to object to future Community legislation which it considers to be contrary to its interests.

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