Etxeberria is now breathing on its own

Josu Etxeberria (23 years old) suffered a serious accident during training on the 15th, which sent him to the UCI. Eight days later, the Caja Rural cyclist can now breathe independently. At the Navarra Hospital Complex, the intubation has already been removed and sedation has been removed. He remains in the intensive care unit where recovery from his fractures is beginning.

Just over a week ago, Josu was run over at kilometer 4 of the NA-4120 highway, near the municipality of Iza, Navarra. He crashed head-on into a car. The severity of the accident sent him straight to the intensive care unit, where he remains today. He was taken unconscious by helicopter to the Navarra Hospital Complex. The medical service was on duty stabilize him and intervene with the various injuries to his face (for which he had to undergo surgery twice) and eight days later he can breathe on his own.

The Iturmendi corridor is gradually improving. They removed the tube from his windpipe that runs from his nose to his mouth so he could breathe, and he is now able to do so on his own. He has also been withdrawn from sedatives but remains in intensive care. After making sure Etxeberria is stable, they will begin recovering from the other fractures and injuries, including: the sternum, hip, shins, pelvis and several broken ribs.

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