Etxeberria aims for a miracle with Aketxe

A new campaign, a new illusion, the new coach of the gunsmith team has the illusion of returning to the first division, and his strongest tools will be this type of player who makes the difference.

THE SD Eibar a new season is about to start with Joseba Etxeberria in charge of the bench, and a renewed Ager Aketxe. One of the first requests of the elgoibartarra coach was the continuity and subsequent renewal of the attacking midfielder. Although he had no regularity last season, the Basque coach considers him an important piece in the tactical scheme.

Injuries were Aketxe’s main foe, as they caused him to miss around 14 games. The disadvantage was also that the creative midfielder arrived without pace and could not demonstrate the good level he showed in the 2021-22 season. The truth is that Etxeberria trusts the Bilbao native a lot, and wants to make him the cornerstone of this new project.

Etxeberria Aketxe
Coach Joseba Etxeberria wants to make history for SD Eibar and himself by reaching the first division.

The renewal of Aketxe was also thanks to Etxeberria

Since the former coach Mirande He signed with the armourers club, reviewed their squad and determined the continuity of several players who were ending their contracts early. One of them was undoubtedly the former AlmerĂ­a, who with very little time in the sports field has shown a lot. The 29-year-old footballer can play as a midfielder, although he also performs very well as a left winger.

He can even occupy the false zone 9, trying to climb over the rival defensive lines, and opening up space for his true center forward. Aketxe plays more with his intelligence than with his physique, and this is a factor that the Gipuzkoan coach appreciates a lot. He thinks the player will have a magnificent season, and the best so far in the Eibar team.

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Etxeberria’s main focus with SD Eibar will be promotion and Aketxe will be key

There is no doubt that the most essential and important objective for the new coaching staff of the gunsmith club is to promote EA Sports to LaLiga. But it won’t be like the club tried to do in the previous course, but directly, aspiring to at least second place. Last season we saw how the Basque team had a good season, but in the playoffs they ran out of fuel.

Joseba Etxeberria has confidence and great hope that he will achieve the feat this year, both for SD Eibar himself and for himself. And it is that since he started his coaching career, he has never been able to manage in the top category, but very soon he could do it. The tough road to success begins on 19 August against recently relegated Elche in IpurĂșa.

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