Ethereum processes 338 percent more transactions, but Bitcoin remains the most popular

Ultimately, both are still applications that have yet to prove their worth. They are both promising, but let them survive for about five years before jumping to conclusions. After all, it is nice if you can pick up solid profits, but is it also nice if that is no longer the case? We will see that in the coming months to years.

Although Ethereum had more transactions, the Bitcoin network is a lot more stable and periodic than Ethereum. This was due to spikes in trade demand during NFT launches and other volatile events.

Bitcoin still the king

However, if we look at the searches on Google, Bitcoin clearly remains the king. On January 1, the “In Bitcoin We Trust” newsletter published that Bitcoin generated 28.4 million monthly searches in 2022. Ethereum ranks fourth with 3.8 million global searches. That’s a huge difference in popularity. You should also remember that the transactions on Bitcoin are purely related to Bitcoin.

On Ethereum, people also trade a lot with other tokens, NFTs and things like that. The volume on the Bitcoin network is entirely attributable to Bitcoin. Incidentally, the number two and three in terms of searches are the memecoins Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. The latter will be there mainly thanks to Elon Musk’s attempts to pump the price.

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