Home Business Ethereum network issue: Transactions were temporarily not processed

Ethereum network issue: Transactions were temporarily not processed

Ethereum network issue: Transactions were temporarily not processed

Ethereum (ETH) faced a problem last night. As a result, the network was almost at a standstill for 25 minutes. However, transactions were processed, but not finalized.

Ethereum is in trouble

Last night around 11 PM Dutch time, several Ethereum developers reported that there was a problem. For example, the blockchain would not have finalized transaction blocks for 30 minutes. This means that these blocks were not made permanent on the blockchain for a long time.

Transactions were still picked up, but without finalization. This caused concern for those who had sent a transaction at that time. In such a situation, these transactions are vulnerable to manipulation. Whether that actually happened is not clear.

However, according to some developers, this also shows the resilience of the network. Despite the fact that a number of transaction blocks were delayed, transactions were still picked up and processed.

Ethereum is running properly again

The network is now working properly again. Transactions are picked up and successfully finalized. The exact cause is not yet known. The developers of the network are working with man and power to figure out how this could happen.

It is not the first time that Ethereum has faced problems. Even before the merge experienced the Beacon Chain, the proof of stake (PoS) Ethereum blockchain, a break. Then no transactions could be processed for 7 transaction blocks in a row. However, this was still in the test phase at the time and had no major consequences.

However, Ethereum competitor Solana (SOL) has faced significant problems in recent years. The network went completely off the air several times for extended periods of time. However, that network also seems to have things in order now.

Earlier ethereum news stated that the expected selling pressure after the recent merge ultimately amounted to nothing. In addition, the strike returns to an all-time high due to the craze surrounding meme coins like Pepe (PEPE).

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