Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Kintsugi Goes Live in Preparation for Merger

Kintsugi is a public testnet where people can experiment with Ethereum 2.0 before it is merged into proof of stake.

Testnet for Ethereum 2.0

Ethereum developer teams have been hard at work preparing Ethereum 2.0. This is a proof-of-stake platform designed to make blockchain transactions faster, cheaper and less energy-intensive.

But, while ETH2 isn’t quite ready yet, the first major testnet is. This way the public can see how the network will function in the near future.

Tim Beiko, who coordinates the core developers of Ethereum, today announced the Kintsugi testnet on the Ethereum Foundation blog. Kintsugi is a Japanese word for using gold to repair broken items without trying to hide the damage. The word evokes a sense of transparency.