Eternals is Rotten Tomatoes’ lowest-rated MCU movie

Only five more days to wait to find out Eternals by Chloe Zhao in our French cinemas. If the first critical returns are not really dithyrambic, the score of the feature film on Rotten Tomatoes seems to go in this direction. Many blame Eternals to be too wordy, to go too fast even if others stress that Chloe zhao sign a real visual feat that is totally different from the other guns of the MCU. Rotten Tomatoes totals 65% positive opinions on the feature film, i.e. one point less than Thor: The Dark World that many MCU fans hadn’t necessarily liked.

However, a film’s score on the reviews platform does not determine whether or not a production is successful. Venom by Ruben Fleischer (2018) only totaled 30% of good reviews but that did not prevent him from totaling 856 million of global revenue dollars. Near The Playlist, Chloe zhao had revealed not to be worried about these first mixed returns, arguing that Eternals was going to be the focal point of a new breath for the MCU as we know it. Response very soon, namely the November 3.

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