Two weeks after his 39th birthday, it seems that Marcelinho Huertas was much younger. In his particular pact with Lucifer, perhaps a Benjamin Button of European basketball, this Brazilian who did the Europes nearly two decades ago He is still determined to extend his sports career, as infinite as his talent with a ball rocking in his hands after passing through a parquet from which he receives the veneration of each splinter.

Some days ago, the 14 assists he distributed against Manresa in the BCL finalwhich the Lenovo Tenerife wins for the second time, were the perfect consequence of a career chiseled down to the smallest detail, every centimeter of your body taken care of to the extremenor that it was the work of Michelangelo himself, his anatomy is tremendous, hovering around four decades of life, no matter how elite athlete he may be.

For Huertas, who recently won for the third time the award for best Latin American player of the ACB, La Laguna, a beautiful city in Tenerife that is a World Heritage Site, is its particular Gallery of the Academy. There in the background, his imposing figure, Huertas waits for the canarista fans in the Santiago Martín pavilion as David waits for those who visit him. Both immortal.

Happens that For Lenovo Tenerife, life is beautiful with Huertas at the helm. Endesa Cup and League semifinalist, it’s hard to believe, for example, that Shermadini was MVP without the Brazilian point guard by his side. If perfect is the tandem that forms on the field with the Georgia giant, the unlimited partnership that unites him with Txus Vidorreta has given the team from Tenerife greater dividends than they ever imaginednow embodied with the second European title, full of confetti the reunion of two of the most important actors in Spanish basketball, who already coincided in Bilbao in the 2007/08 season.


Your current performancean example of resistance, It would not be understood without the three years in Badalona or the four in Barcelona and Vitoria, where he set foot in the European elite. He also did it in the NBAplaying in a Lakers in the doldrums in which was lucky enough to enjoy the last game of Kobe Bryant’s career.

He also lives a splendid maturity in which his strict dieta martyrdom for the common mortals, keeps your anatomy in perfect condition. He is not seen eating meat and hardly any fish. No trace of milk or derived products, as he recognized in El País, “because they contribute to inflammation in the body and lengthen the recovery process.” Fruits, vegetables, seeds and legumes fill your table.

Feel Marcelinho, pure truth on the field, an eternal youth in which, of course, nothing is by chance, the recurring protagonist of a vital wheel that has no intention of stopping turning.


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