ETED clarifies Puerto Plata-Playa Dorada transmission line complies with environmental permit and does not affect Loma Isabel de Torres

The Dominican Electricity Transmission Company (ETED) clarified that the project for the 138 kV Puerto Plata-Playa Dorada transmission line complies with the required environmental permit for your construction therefore, the appropriate measures were taken to avoid impact on the communities and on Loma Isabel de Torres, in Puerto Plata.

The company explained that the aforementioned permit was obtained in 2015, under the administration of the Dominican Liberation Party government. Its original layout meant a great deterioration of the protected area of ​​the Loma Isabel de Torres Natural Monument, since it ran in the middle of the slope of the hill and without any type of environmental control measure.

He indicated that for this reason, together with the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, the ETED began a dialogue process to seek alternatives that would not impact the protected area.

After evaluating the feasible environmental, technical, economic and social options, the layout (route) of the same was modified, to minimize the impact on the protected area. The modified route was moved as much as possible to the lower limit (slope) of Loma Isabel de Torres, in order to reduce the impact on the wealth of flora and fauna.

The ETED ensured that the development of this work would not negatively impact the nearby communitiesNor the cable car infrastructure, but much less to the cloud forest botanical garden that is at the top of Isabel de Torres.

To authorize this work, the Ministry of the Environment took into account that it is a public service project developed by the Transmission Companyand that it will benefit the entire society, especially the tourism development of the province of Puerto Plata and the northern part of the country.

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The ETED reiterated the commitment to collaborate in mitigating the damage that the environment receives, with cleaning actions, planting, recovery of mangroves, waste management and care of ecosystems. To do this, it has a reforestation program in the areas surrounding the construction of lines and substations

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