‘From North to the World’ is the name that Galician Star has wanted to give to the collection of clothes that it has launched together with the octopus. The collection will be made up of 11 limited-edition clothing items and accessories, which have been made from recycled and organic materials.

Both companies share roots, both are from the north and are closely linked to the essence of the Atlantic. This is what they wanted to convey with their hoodies, t-shirts, outerwear and accessories, such as caps and backpacks. You can also see it in the color palette, because they are colored in neutral tones and the touch of color goes with the tones of the two brands.


Manel P. Piñon, director of trade Sons of Rivera Marketingpointed out that “Collaborating with a fashion brand that shares so many values ​​with us, in addition to our Atlantic origin, has been a learning and sharing process that has resulted in a wonderful collection that we are very proud of. We hope that our followers like it as much as we do and that soon we can see these garments on the streets”.

Estrella Galicia, the great protagonist

Estrella Galicia is the great protagonist of this collection. On this occasion the famous Octopus appears representing the origins of the culture of beer and music. For this reason, this has received the name of the Beer Octopus, which reflects the urban, casual and avant-garde spirit of the collection.

On the other hand, for José A. Chacón, founder elPulpothis capsule is the result of two brands that share origins, philosophy and values. Galicia, our roots and our commitment to sustainability are reflected in a slow, functional collection with original designs designed for an audience that wants to wear special garments with personality. For elPulpo, this alliance with Estrella Galicia marks the beginning of a future path where beer and fashion will give way to interesting common projects”.


With this alliance, Estrella Galicia and the Octopus They also wanted to highlight the importance of local production and respect for the environment.