Esteban Ocon addresses Mercedes’ offer to replace Hamilton

Esteban Ocon remains fully loyal to Alpine despite his connections to Mercedes

Esteban Ocon, Alpine’s current Formula 1 driver, has been the subject of speculation about his future in the sport, especially after Lewis Hamilton’s announcement that he will leave Mercedes at the end of the 2024 season. The champion becomes the center of attention, the previous links from Mercedes’ Ocon has raised questions about his potential move to the team.

Ocon, who has a contract with Alpine until the end of 2024, has been mentioned as a possible candidate to replace Hamilton at Mercedes. Despite a victory in Formula 1 and his best result of eighth in the championship, his direct connection to Mercedes and his close relationship with team boss Toto Wolff put him in a unique position in the driver market.

Ocon Mercedes
Ocon has reiterated his “total commitment” to Alpine, focusing on his current commitment to the team.

Ocon’s loyalty to Alpine

Despite the rumors and potential opportunities at Mercedes, Ocon remains focused on his role at Alpine, underlining his focus on performance on the track and his loyalty to the team. “I have always had a strong bond with Mercedes. “I’m still a junior Merc driver,” Ocon said. “It’s always been that way, even though I’m not that young anymore. TI still have a contract with them in a way. So it is what it is. We will see.”

With the 2024 season approaching, Ocon insists his priority is to contribute to Alpine’s success, aware that in Formula 1 Performance on the track is the key to staying in the sport, regardless of existing contracts. “At the moment I’m dedicating myself entirely to Alpine. That’s my approach. As always, I have to do a good job on the track. Every year is crucial in Formula 1 because it doesn’t matter whether you have a contract or not. If you don’t perform, you can be out. “That’s how it is.”

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Ocon looks to the future, performance on the track as a key factor

The possibility of Ocon moving to Mercedes in 2025 remains unclear. Although it is hard to imagine him turning down such an opportunity, the final decision will depend on both his performance on track and Mercedes’ assessment of his options. Ocon is aware that as long as people are talking about him, it means his performance on the pitch is positive.

As the 2024 season progresses, both Ocon and the world of Formula 1 will be keeping an eye on how his commitment and results at Alpine could influence his future path. possibly on the way to one of the most coveted seats in the sport at Mercedes.

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