Esteban Chaves is the new national champion

The elite test of the Nacionales de Ruta began with a lot of people around the Alfonso López stadium. “That seems as if Bucaramanga was going to play”. Yes, she was going to play, but later. The fuss was about something else.

They say that Nairo already arrived on a bus that is parked in front of the stadium”, the people were right. Nairo was there, on the bus and very guarded. Word spread so fast that within minutes the police had to tighten security.

The public wanted to see the competition and the other cyclists. But Nairo’s is indescribable. Whether in Boyacá, Cali, the Coffee Axis, Bogotá. And now in Bucaramanga, the corridor is a symbol of Colombia.

On the stage he was also the most applauded. The children carried banners to cheer him on and he reciprocated with a thank you greeting before leaving for the test.

Proof that started with a strategy of the Team Medellín, the favorite team to take the title. Miguel Ángel López, who is now a cyclist on the national calendar, was also acclaimed. And his team could not disappoint.

The first lap saw a break of five riders including Fabio Duarte, a star serving another star. And the rest of the team pulled the peloton. Wear from the first kilometers, break everything as Sergio Higuita had predicted.

And as, as a joke, Esteban Chaves had said, both he and Nairo, always at the wheel of the paisa team. Pay attention to every move.

Brayan Fernández from the Pact for Sports, Germán Chaves from Sistecrédito, Néstor Rueda from Cundinamarca and Diego Ochoa from EPM, they completed the escape.

In the fourth and fifth rounds, the situation did not change, except for the names of the escapees. Einer Rubio from Movistar, Sebastián Castaño from Orgullo Paisa, Esneider Báez from Tolima and Diego Ochoa from EPM were now at the head of the race and things did not change in the peloton. Medellín pulling and Martínez, Nairo and Chaves always at the wheel.

In the fifth round, Rubio had a problem with the gears on his bike and said goodbye to the escape. While Juan Manuel Barboza joined the three remaining escapees. In this turn the peloton came to be 26 seconds apart. On the sixth lap, the novelty was the attack by Jesús David Peña who broke away from the peloton.

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The seventh lap was final. Superman López commanded a small attack in which Nairo, Chaves, Higuita, Rivera, Peña, Henao, Martínez and Rubio joined. Later, two of López’s companions arrived, Duarte and Sevilla and Camargo, to serve Esteban.

Miguel Angel López moved the run three times. The Medellín runner tried but only with attacks of little momentum. Those who always followed him were Brandon, Nairo and Chaves. The man from Bogotá also wanted to leave, but they were only tests. They left everything for the last lap.

In the last meters of the final lap, Esteban Chaves did not want to wait. Despite the strategies that his rivals seemed to have, the EF cyclist attacked. And he took almost 250 meters from Rivera, Martínez and Nairo.

And that attack was worth the title. Chaves was not hit by anyone. His rivals, the most important cyclists in the country, did not have so much leg to reach him. For the first time in history, the Bogotá native is champion of the National Road Championships. Just as Álvaro Pachón did in 1970, the capital once again has a champion.

Daniel Felipe Martínez was second and Nairo Quintana, yes, the cyclist who does not have a team, came in third place of an intense and rigorous career.

Podium in Vuelta a España and Giro d’Italia, the Education First corridor starts the year in the best way, Still without a defined calendar, he already has his first title in 2023. He had not won since March 25, 2021 when he celebrated in the fourth stage of the Tour of Catalonia.

As Esteban had said jokingly. At the wheel of Medellín and at the end an attack. El Chavito fulfilled his premonition.

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