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Essential signing of Atlético in January if he wants to win titles

The last match of the mattress club in the Champions League, ended up showing the enormous deficiency in defense

The Athletic fell back to him Liverpool FC in the Champions League, and showed his worst defensive side so far, Simeone thinks that in January there must be a restructuring in the rear. The absence of Savic unraveled all the defensive idea of ​​the mattress box, and before a lukewarm performance of Giménez, Felipe and Hermoso, the English team took advantage.

Coach Argentinian is in favor of the idea of ​​not depending on a single player for each position. In this case, his defensive line seems to be subject to the presence of the footballer Montenegrin. That is why the agenda has changed priorities, and the first signing will be to reinforce the huge hole in the back left by the absence of Savic.

Athletic january
Hungarian defender Attila Szalai is Atlético’s target to reinforce their defense in January.

The signing of Attila Szalai is activated again for Atlético to undertake it in January

The coaching staff, and especially his coach, have always been pleased with the idea of ​​signing Hungarian defender Attila Szalai. Right now he is the defense leader in Fenerbahce SK, and at 23 years old, he displays the maturity of an experienced player. His conditions seem to be limitless, and each time he demonstrates a different quality.

At the moment it is one of the most desired options by the mattress club, to solve the enormous defensive problem. Andrea Berta already works in the operation of the Hungarian, which has a contract with the Ottoman team until 2025, and a base price of 11 kilos. Due to his performance and what he represents for Fenerbahce, his coach Vítor Pereira will not let him go, especially in January.

Atlético’s idea in January is to sign Attila Szalai and release Felipe

The sports management led by Andrea Berta, has two operations ready to undertake in this winter market. The first will be to release the Brazilian Felipe, who ends his contractual obligation with Atlético in June 2022. The second will be to relieve him with the signing of Attila Szalai, although this maneuver has greater difficulty.

At the moment the Hungarian player does not have a release clause and his base price is quite affordable for the rojiblancas finances. However, it is necessary to know the opinion of the defender in terms of changing of scene and the commitment he acquired with his current squad. If all goes well for the Madrid team, Attila Szalai will reach his fifth team and his fifth league.

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