Essential notes before the final game between the United States and Japan in the World Classic

The largest in the West and East. The leading manufacturers in producing talents. The countries that dominate the baseball industry around the globe. These titles perfectly summarize the final of the World Classic, scenario where The United States will face Japan in an unprecedented match.

The Americans, current holders of the champion label after reaching primacy in 2017, will jump onto the field with the mission to tie in historical crowns to the selection of the samuraias well as emulate the achievement of continuous titles.

While the Japanese, located in the first seed on the podium during the 2006 and 2009 editions and semifinalists in the two subsequent tournaments, seek to increase their baggage of successes having the possibility of joining the Dominican Republic as the only champions with an undefeated record.

pitchers duel

With a view to this Tuesday’s meeting, agreed to be held in the territory of the loanDepot park in Miami, The United States has selected Merrill Kelly right-hander as their starting pitcher.who had a productive season in 2022 at the major league level after posting a 3.37 ERA, which limited his rivals to a .225 average.

This one stands out for the use of an optimal four-seamer fastball, a pitch in the 91-92 mph range, against which the opposition only produced for .210, followed by a changeup with movement to the side of the 88 mph arm.

As for the Japanese, these will have the presence of the left-handed Shota Imanagabelonging to the Yokohama DeNa BayStarts, although It is expected that in the middle part of the match the stars Yu Darvish and Shohei Ohtani will be jumping to the moundboth with active life in the Majors.

Imanaga has been an effective pitcher in the Japanese League ecosystem, posting an excellent earned run average (2.26) over the course of 143.2 innings pitched, as well as possessing a high level of control when judging by his percentage of games finished in bases on balls (5.17%).

 Position players to watch

The names of figures with elite characteristics in the offensive section stand out in both teams, so it is not surprising the impact that hitting can have on the game.

Americans will have the presence of a lit Trea Turnerwho in the course of the tournament has four home runs together with ten RBIs, like others in the hierarchy of Mike Trout or Kyle Tucker who have three extra-base hits in their personal accounts.

Despite not having impressive performances so far in the World Cup, names like Paul Goldschmidt, Mookie Betts or JT Realmuto can appear at any time and cause irreparable damage.

In the case of Japan, the most outstanding performances on offense have come by way of Masataka Yoshida (19-9, 13 RBIs), shohei ohtani (20-9, five extra-base hits) and Kensuke Kondoh (23-9, four doubles and home run).

Another who could stand out is Munetaka Murakami, who despite maintaining a conservative performance (22-5), maintains the status of a hitter to be feared, as was evidenced on Monday night, after hitting a double with a speed of 111 miles per hour that produced two runs scored with Japan ended up disqualifying Mexico in the semifinals.

Murakami holds the record for home runs by a native in the Japan League after hitting 56 in 2022. She is 23 years old.

How have the teams performed?

The samurai have had a dream run in the course of the tournament, having outscored their rivals with a difference of runs scored against those allowed of +37. And they have been victorious in their six matches played.

On their side, the Americans register a differential of +24, while the record of five games won against a loss. This setback was dealt by Mexico on March 12, a match defined by the bulky score of 11-5 in favor of the Aztecs.

In metalic

In addition to receiving the silver trophy in recognition of the championship, the winning team will receive one million dollars.. Previously, they received US$300,000 for being among the twenty participants and the same amount for winning the first round, US$400,000 for winning the quarterfinals, as well as US$500,000 for reaching the semifinals and the same amount. to play the last phase.

Having said the above, it is established that the selection that results in the achievement of the title will have added the amount of US$3 million in their accounts.

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