Espectáculos Públicos disables Alberto Vargas for a month from the radio

The National Commission of Public Spectacles and Radiophony disabled the announcer Alberto Vargas from his work on radio and television for a period of 30 days, to whom that entity attributes the use of inappropriate language in the radio program "The rhythm of the morning", which is broadcast on the Ritmo 96 station.

In resolution 001-2021, it is stated that Vargas in the radio program "makes inconsiderate, tasteless, disrespectful, and unfortunate insults", which is prohibited, according to regulation 824 that governs these actions in electronic media.

Among the expressions indicated in the document sent to Listín Diario are "… that Santiago is a field? I have all my right in the world … and if you want to die, die … you can die daughter of your (-) mother … the dirty bitch that gave birth to you".

It also notes that "Considering that radio and television have the function of contributing to the strengthening of national integration and the improvement of the form of human coexistence, therefore, through their broadcasts, an attempt should be made to avoid unhealthy and disturbing influences on the harmonious development of childhood , youth, in particular and in general to all Dominicans and respect for the principles of social moral society, human dignity and family ties’ ”.

The commission indicates that "The words and expressions uttered by Mr. Alberto Vargas violate the proper use of language in the media and constitute inappropriate expressions for a communicator, while their attitudes affect the right of listeners to enjoy the media without public order, good custom, proper and proper use of language and human dignity are affected or lacerated and addressing the multiple complaints received from citizens concerned about the proper exercise of communication in the country".

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The entity argues that Alberto Vargas was disqualified "for having made careless, irresponsible, rude and improper use, being the radio a medium of marked general interest and having a determining influence on the shaping of public opinion, the edification of people and an important impact on citizen behavior".

The resolution was signed by the president of the organization, José Báez, the vice president, Germán Martínez, and the member of the institution, Carlos Ortiz.

It is not the first time that Vargas has been suspended. In May 2018, he was suspended for 20 days after broadcasting expletives live through the radio space “El Ritmo de la Mañana” to a listener of Venezuelan origin who called the space to offer her opinion in relation to some audios that circulated in the social networks, where Vargas refers to the issue using inappropriate expressions that brought in response the call of the young woman who was insulted without contemplation.


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