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Espanyol’s statement to Rubiales

Espanyol's statement to Rubiales

Following the Extraordinary Assembly of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and pending the decisions that may be taken in this sporting and judicial body regarding the attitude of its President Luis Rubiales during the final of the Women’s World Cup in Sydney and afterwards, With this celebration, RCD Espanyol de Barcelona to express its condemnation and opposition to the actions of the highest leadership of the RFEF, as well as its statements and declarations made today.

In this sense, the images seen during the celebrations of the FIFA World Cup women’s national team are unacceptable and inappropriate and lead us, after hearing the statements related to this, to call for the immediate dismissal or dismissal of the President by the bodies authorized to do so.

RCD Espanyol, which did not attend this extraordinary meeting, has always been active and courageous in denouncing behaviors and situations that we considered unfair or unacceptable, even if at times this could have had negative consequences for our company. We will continue to do so in the future, because these are our values.

The club would also like to show its full support to the player Jennifer Hermoso. We deeply regret that these events – which are far from exemplary and professional – could diminish the importance of a historic performance by the Spanish national team.

We firmly believe in the importance of setting an example through good leadership and fostering an atmosphere where everyone is treated with respect, dignity and equality.

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