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Espanyol’s sporting director has another urgent task following Aguado’s announcement

There is no doubt that the arrival of the Jaén midfielder is very good news for Luis García, but his concerns have not yet disappeared, and all due to the possible escape of one of his key figures in the attacking midfield.

Fran Garagarza, sports director of the RCD Espanyolhas just completed the signing of Álvaro Aguado and now has to proceed with another operation. This is equal to or more important than that Jaén midfielder, since it is one of Luis García’s headlines. In addition, he is a product of the Perica quarry and therefore a promising footballer.

This is Nico Melamed, a player who has been negotiating his extension since the days of Rufete, but to date there is nothing. The work was continued by Domingo Catoira, but like the former Valencian director, he did not receive the extension. Now everything is in the hands of Garagarza, who is already communicating with the Castelldefelense midfielder.

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Nico Melamed’s extension is marked in red on Garagarza’s agenda.

Álvaro Aguado was left behind and now Melamed’s stay at Espanyol continues

The 22-year-old can say his time as a Blue and White youth player has burned out as he has been a key player in Perico’s first team since last season. He already showed in the 2021/22 season that he has what it takes to take a place in the starting eleven. This season, the Catalan midfielder has already played 340 minutes across four games, clearly starting all of them.

Luis García really likes Melamed’s profile as he is an attacking midfielder who plays on the wings and acts as a playmaker. He is the classic 10, even much more so than Pol Lozano, who wears the number but plays further back with pivot functions. In conclusion, the former Parakeet player is very useful in the Oviedo coach’s offensive and overall plan, which is why his renewal is urgently needed.

The teams that followed Nico Melamed and signed up as rivals of RCD Espanyol

It is impossible not to think that in the next winter market they will bet on the creative midfielder who amazes everyone in the Catalan team. The continued interest in the star parakeet comes not only from LaLiga EA Sports, but also from other top international leagues. This is the problem why the renewal of the boy is so complicated.

One of the teams that came closest to signing Nico Melamed comes from the same Autonomous Community of Catalonia, without being FC Barcelona. We are talking about Girona FC, a revelation team in this league start, which takes second place ahead of the Culé team. What is most likely is that the Girona team will target the Catalan midfielder again and this time it will be successful.

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