Espanyol win the fantasy goals contest

Espanyol win the fantasy goals contest

You had to be very brave to imagine that the Getafe-Espanyol match, two teams on the run from relegation, would have a wonderfully crazy start: a clean goal. Possibly and surely no other game of the day had such a fascinating first seven minutes as those seen in the Coliseum.

Everything was concentrated in a minute and a half. Luis Milla fell asleep in the center of the field, Braithwaite took the ball from him and Joselu, who is at the plate and the slices, went for the ball knowing that Soria was ahead, launched a missile from 49 meters with a message included: nNever give a rogue a meter ahead, and precisely Joselu He is not the top Spanish scorer for being a chump.

I am no less than you, Enes Ünal must have thought, and if Joselu’s goal was a great goal, the tie for the Turk was even more so. Tremendous kick from the left side that surpassed the flight of Álvaro Fernández and slipped through the distant squad.

The one who celebrated the goal the most was Milla, as she cleaned her previous stain. The Getafe midfielder, indebted to himself, took over the team and Milla defended, Milla organized, Milla provided goal assists… Getafe depended on Milla. The two sweets came out of his boots in the form of assists that he gave Ünal (30′) and Alderete (34′), who did not score a goal.

Getafe and Espanyol took a breather until the break, when Quique Flores made an unprecedented triple change. The risky bet hardly had any significance in the game. Yes, and in what way, Puado. After Portu lost the ball, the Espanyol striker received the ball from Joselu a few meters beyond midfield and, Like Maradona or Messi, he got rid of everyone who came his way. First Algobia, then Djené and, when he went one-on-one with the goalkeeper, he saved Soria with a subtle mince. Great goal. Other.

At that point in the game, the biggest question the fans had was choosing which of the three goals seemed best to them. On the pitch, Espanyol knew how to sleep the game. There were no more clear scoring chances. The victory takes Espanyol out of relegation and transfers the fears to Getafe. In any case, thanks for the game.


Gaston Alvarez (45′, Omar Alderete), Juan Iglesias (45′, Damian Suarez), Munir El Haddadi (45′, Carles Alena), Gonzalo Villar (63′, Angel Algobia), Juanmi Latasa (66′, Munir El Haddadi), Edu Exposito (78′, Javier Puado)


0-1, 5′: Joselu1-1, 6′: Enes Ünal1-2, 61′: Javi Puado


Referee: Jorge Figueroa Vazquez
VAR Referee: José Luis Munuera Montero, Diego Barbero Sevilla
Sundays Duarte (15′,Yellow) calero (29′,Yellow) cabrera (32′,Yellow) Cesar Montes (50′,Yellow) Gaston Alvarez (89′,Yellow)


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