Espanyol is saved in nine out of ten scenarios if they win both games

Let Getafe take four points, Almería beat Valladolid, Valencia do the same with Betis on the last day and Cádiz also add four points. And that Celta beat Barça. That is one of the scenarios that would send Espanyol to the Second Division despite winning the two remaining games against Valencia and Almería. The blue and whites can only aspire to reach 41 points, and in the previous situation Getafe (42), Almería (42), Cádiz (42), Celta (43) and Valencia (43) they would surpass him. Not so Valladolid, which would also go to the Silver Division as the penultimate place.

However, this scenario is one of the few that does not serve Espanyol, which has a 91.95% chance of staying in the First Division if it is full, according to the accounts made by LaLiga Database. The defeat in Valencia sends Espanyol virtually to Second or mathematically if Cádiz, Getafe or Valladolid score (or at least two of them). The tie will prolong the life of the blue and whites for one more day as long as Getafe, Cádiz and Almería or Valladolid do not win. While the victory would leave them in an advantageous position for the last day, especially if Almería beat Valladolid and arrive mathematically saved at the RCDE Stadium.

In the event that there are ties on points, Espanyol should have Getafe be one of the teams involved since they would be counted for the six points obtained in both games: a 1-2 win at the Coliseum and a 1-0 win at the RCDE Stadium . With Cádiz it is balanced (two draws), the same as with Valladolid (victory and defeat) while with Celta it is lost. With Valencia and Almería the blue and white team started with a 2-2 win against the Ché in Cornellà and a 3-1 loss against the Andalusians. But the draw with Ameria is an unlikely situation.

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