Espanyol interrupts its big party but celebrates another special one

The massive parade, the speeches, the meeting of the authorities and, probably, football matches between veterans and peñistas. All this, culminating in a lunch among hundreds of people, perhaps a thousand, to toast for the times to come. He group of clubsthe largest festival of the social mass of Spanishism, should be held this sunday, 11th of June. But so critical is the situation of Espanyolsuch palpable tensions, that was postponedHoping that better times will come. Those that do maintain at least one of their disciplines: the RCDE Special.

The club has done everything possible“, said Mao Ye Wu, CEO of Espanyolin his parliament before the extraordinary assembly of the Catalan Federation of Penyes (FCPE), just a month ago, on May 11, in the RCDE Stadium. The team was still in the First Division, but the club’s second highest position after the owner, chen yanshengI already saw it coming. Also the FCPE itself and the Penya Parrots of Tarragonain charge of organizing in her city the thirty-first edition of Aplec. Among all they saw fit to postpone the great party, “due to the delicate sporting situation that the club is experiencing”.

It is as if all parties had intuited not only the declinewhich was likely beyond the arbitration decisions that would happen in the following days, but even the club inaction in this week after the closure of the League. As if the terrible atmosphere derived from the continuity, to this day, of the sports director, Domingo Catoira. There is no Aplec, just as for now there is no presentation of the subscription campaignYes, on the other hand, there will be this Monday of the new stadium namewhich will correspond to the signature stage front.

Image of the 2019 Aplec, in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia.
Image of the 2019 Aplec, in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia.Rodolfo MolinaACE DAILY

Waiting for a new date for the Tarragona Town Hallwhose preparations were already well advanced At the time of the postponement, Espanyolism must be formed by remembering better times. Like last year in Aviawhere Mao walked around taking photos with the supporters clubs, while he almost took for granted the signing of diego martinez. Like in 2019, when David Gallego was featured in Sant Sadurni d’Anoia in praise of multitudes. Or like in 2014, when the same thing happened in Torredembarra with Sergio Gonzalez.

To date, and since its first edition in 1991 in Pineda de Marthe Apple it had only been canceled for a greater cause and outside the club’s situation, as was the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, one was scheduled in virtual format and in 2021 it could not yet be held due to restrictions. The one for 2024 is organized a priori by the Penya Blanc-i-Blava of Castellbell i el Vilar.

could not be Mao for obvious reasons in the non-existent Aplec this Sunday, and instead he did attend the Final phase of the Genuine Leaguewhich was held at the facilities of the villarreal. In fact, the CEO of Espanyol was seen together with the president of the host club, Fernando Roigand to the The league, javier thebes. And he also posed in one of the few happy images that the season has brought: the triumph of the RCDE Special.

The perico group, led by Manel Algeciras and Xavier Tenderowas proclaimed for the second time in its history tournament championafter having reaped an impressive full of victories. He had won everything in the first two phases, played at the Dani Jarque Sports City and in Vigo, and he did not fail at the moment of truth in Vila-real. He won on Saturday Cádiz (3-0) and Leganés (3-1)to overcome this Sunday in the final Getafe (3-1).

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