Espanyol closes its third consecutive year with losses

presented at last Fran Garagarza as sports director, and pending the espanyolism of the future of footballers as transcendental as Sergi Darderwho is torn between a continuity that would elevate him to the category of legend or an exit that would bring substantial income (his clause is ten million until July 31), reached the club this Friday, June 30, the closing of the financial year 2022-23. and she does mired in losses, which to a certain extent were budgeted and do not have alarmism, but which add to a worrying trend. If sportingly the management has led again to Second, economically the Espanyol model is not sustainable. Hence the turn of the helm predicted by the parakeet CEO, Mao Ye Wuthis Friday.

unpredictable how is Espanyol, absolutely no one would have predicted a year ago, having materialized the sale of Raúl de Tomaswho had a clause of 70 million euros, would be back in losses. As the management was fatal and his exit to the Vallecano Ray was already closed outside the terms of the summer market of 2022, the parakeet club settled for 11 million (eight fixed plus three variables) by who his franchise player had been.

The transfer of RdT followedjust a few weeks ago, that of a Victor Gomez which will continue in the sporting bragasince months ago the Portuguese decided to execute the two million of his purchase option to sign it for five years, as AS advanced, although they will be received in installments. And more surprising is the situation of Tony Vilhenaby which 3.5 million of the salernitana only for the permanence of the Italian entity, and yet it will not be like that, since for now it continues to belong to the Espanyol squad.

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They are therefore about 13 million that Espanyol will enter in sales, a significant amount that does not prevent the year from ending in losses. And not because of the decrease, but according to the entity’s own budget, which contemplated losses of nine million already assuming that 14.16 would be entered in transfers.

Víctor Gómez, with Sporting de Braga.
Víctor Gómez, with Sporting de Braga.MIGUEL RIOPAAFP

And what those budgets, presented at the Shareholders’ Meeting last December, surely did not have, was the investment that was going to be undertaken in the following winter marketwhich consisted of eight million for César Montes to Monterrey, 2.8 for José Gragera to Sporting de Gijón and 2.2 to Almería for Fernando Pacheco. 13 million in total which, yes, are not all computed in the current year (like sales) but are amortized during the long contracts of the players.

It should be remembered that Espanyol already presented losses in the past financial year, 2021-22which rose to 19.9 million of euros, and that came to join the 11.4 million negatives from the 2020-21 season. Two that aims to be three, despite the income of the fund cvc and of the successive capital increases commanded by chen yansheng until 2020. The owner has two paths left: re-invest or sell much more.

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